Can Horses Eat Peanuts? 3 Basic Rules To Give Them Food!

The question is: can horses eat peanuts? Generally, the answer is yes. Horses love to eat peanuts; in fact, they can have peanuts and peanut products like peanut butter.

However, when feeding them this food, you should take note of many considerations. Mainly, you have to know the number of peanuts you should provide them.

I tell you- this food comes with a legume-like taste, plus it has a crunchy feel, making horses love to eat it more. Just like human beings, peanuts are suitable for horses too.

can horses eat peanuts

But make sure you feed them in moderation. As a rule, everything in excess is never okay. Doing so may lead them to suffer from diarrhea or bloating. Instead, let this food be a treat that you should give occasionally.

Can Horses Eat Peanuts?

In this article, let’s talk more about horses and peanuts. So, without further ado, let’s start!


General Rule When Feeding Your Horses

Okay, horses can eat peanuts. But, before you should give them this food, you should know some rules that you should follow when feeding them. Here are the things that you should consider when feeding horses:


#1. Give them enough roughage

Do you know that most horses, whether for trail or pleasure, do not require grain? Now, you know! It’s enough for you to give them pasture or hay (as long as it is of good quality). If hay is not sufficient, then you can always add grains.

Always take note of this: The number of calories you feed to horses should be from roughage. It’s because their digestive system is made especially for roughage, thus requiring nutrition from these stalks.


#2. Enough means just right, thus in small amounts and frequently

A large meal is not advisable. As I said a while ago, the excess is not good. That being said, you should give them smaller meals, though you should feed them several times.

Most of the time, caretakers would give horses grains twice a day. However, if there’s a need to give your horse a more significant amount for some reason, you may do so during lunchtime.

Yes, it’s natural for horses to have frequent small meals. Much more, it promotes better digestion. However, feeding them too much could lead to indigestion. And that could lead to something else.

Think of the following:

  • Not all horses are the same; they have various needs;
  • Observe the quantity of pasture or hay your horse gets every day;
  • During drought or winter, you have to provide hay to pasture grazing;
  • Find out the right balance of food according to your horse’s needs; and
  • Adjust the ratio of food according to your horse’s amount of work.


#3. Measure the food accurately and consistently

It’s a good idea to have a postal or kitchen scale when measuring the horse’s food. Knowing the correct measurement gives you ease when feeding it. Besides their usual food, you will most likely give your horse a treat, just like peanuts.

Measure the food accurately and consistently

Again, if you have already given the horse feeds, then you should reduce the amount of peanut you give or vice versa. That means that you can minimize your horse’s food for a while, so you can provide peanuts instead.


Why Are Peanuts Good For Horses?

Aside from knowing the rules when feeding your horses, you should also understand what you give them. In this case, let’s find out why peanuts are suitable for horses.

Without a doubt, this food comes with an excellent nutritional profile. It’s a good source of various vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber and protein. Peanuts have multiple forms- chocolate-coated, roasted, salted, and peanut butter.

What kind of peanut can you give your horses? Why should you give them one? So, without further ado, let’s continue!


#1. Peanuts are excellent sources of fats

You read it right! They’re rich in fats. Peanuts are even classified as oilseeds. Do you know that most harvests are allocated for peanut oils/Arachis oils?

Amazingly, the content of fats therein ranges from 44 to 56 percent, mainly consisting of monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats.


#2. Peanuts are excellent sources of protein

Out of its total calories, proteins in peanuts range from 22 to 30 percent. That’s why this food is one of the best sources of plant-based protein. However, it’s worth noting that this can serve as allergenic to others, leading to life-threatening reactions.


#3. Low in carbs

Given its low carb content of about 13 to 16 percent, it can enter the bloodstream quickly right after feeding. Thus, in human beings, this food is ideal for people suffering from diabetes.

Low in carbs

#4. Other nutritional contents

So, aside from the fact that nuts are rich in fats and proteins while low in carbs, they’re also a good source of magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and B vitamins. Much more, nuts provide folate, biotin, niacin, copper, vitamin E, and so forth.


Health Risks Of Peanuts In Horses

Perhaps, the major downside of this food is that it’s rich in calories while low in starch. Do you know that a hundred grams of peanuts consist of 567 calories? That’s one of the main reasons why some would ban peanut-laced chocolates.

Here’s what the Ohio State University has explained in its press release:

These kinds of food have theobromine and caffeine, thus giving an edge to horses that have taken one. However, given its calories, you must not incorporate this food into your horses’ diet. Otherwise, it could be detrimental for them.


Horses eating peanuts

Here is the answer to the question: can horses eat peanuts? Let’s find out!

According to an article about “peanut products in horse nutrition,” peanuts are not appropriate, even beneficial for your horses. They described it as “empty” of good nutrition.

Horses eating peanuts

It’s because there’s a possibility that hulls of peanuts have aflatoxins; once they’re contaminated and fed to horses, it’s sure to be harmful to them. So, in fact, this food is considered a filler to some.

Although some equine feed manufacturers and nutritionists would advise fillers for your horses, others would warn owners not to give them one- whatever type it may be. But, yes, your horse may love it, thanks to its legume-like taste.

Anyway, you’ve already known the great benefits of peanuts. So, let’s just stick to the main rule that everything in excess is not good. Yes, your horses can eat peanuts. They can even have peanut butter. But, don’t give this food often.

It may be detrimental for your horse, especially that its digestive system is not designed for this kind of food. You just have to be careful when feeding them one. It’s still a good idea to feed horses the proper nutrition.


It’s A Wrap!

Can horses eat peanuts?

The answer is generally yes. Peanuts are nutritious for many reasons. However, in feeding your horses, you should give them the proper nutrition. So, yes, you can provide peanuts, but not in excess, and only often serve as treats.

It’s still best to give them only the best. That means that you should give them the proper nutrition they need. Hopefully, everything is clear to you! Take good care of your equine friend, my friend!

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