How Often Should I Clean My Rabbits Cage? 4 Best Tips!

Providing your pet a clean space will make them healthy and happy, but how often should I clean my rabbits cage? You might ask.

Usually, pet owners would thoroughly clean their pet’s cage once a week.

how often should i clean my rabbits cage

Of course, we make sure that we leave no spot and the pen is good as new.

how often should I clean my rabbits cage

But I suggest you make it a habit of cleaning their area daily to lessen your work if you’d wait days more.

You don’t want to see your rabbit enduring to live inside a filthy cell, exposed to lots of diseases- causing bacteria, do you?


Why Cleaning Your Pet’s Cage Is Essential?

Before you run off to the nearest pet store and grab your very first rabbit, you might want to ensure that you are committed to giving your utmost care to your pet, and this includes regular cleaning of their cages.

So, how often should you clean your rabbit’s cage? Weekly, or better, daily.

Why Cleaning Your Pet's Cage Is Essential

That is why having a pet will need your time and effort; if you’re not ready for such a simple chore, then think again about having a pet.

Regardless, cleaning might be a usual task for most of us, but it is a way to keep your pets healthy and enjoy their surroundings.

Maintaining your rabbit’s cage is essential, and here’s why:

  • It gets rid of the awful smell from your pet’s dirt and leftovers
  • It prevents bacterial growth and viruses that will make your rabbit sick
  • Daily cleaning lessens the load for your weekly cleaning
  • Reduces the allergens that bother you

Rabbits are clean animals, and they will thank you for keeping their area liveable and pleasant

At first, I find it hard to keep my pet rabbit’s cage clean because I have to go after his mess daily.

His name is Thumper, and he was very filthy when he was with me for the first few weeks.

But after some potty training, his cage only needs to be cleaned every week. Yet, I would clean his cage twice a week or every time it smells.


How Often Should I Clean A Rabbit’s Cage?

Are you wondering how often should I clean my rabbits cage?

It’s a rule of thumb to clean your pet’s cage every week.

How Often Should I Clean A Rabbit’s Cage

But some prefer to do it daily; it also depends on the size of the cage and the number of rabbits you have.

So, if you happen to have many rabbits, then you sure need to clean daily.

Nevertheless, here’s how to keep your rabbit’s hutch tidied daily and weekly:


Daily rabbit cage cleaning

Cleaning every day will keep your pet’s area fresh, and it will also help your rabbit from smelling bad. The following are the things you should do when cleaning rabbit cages daily:

  • Remove any leftovers, preferably twice a day, every morning and at night
  • Wash your pet’s water bottle/bowl and food bowls
  • Check for water spills and urine clumps outside the litter box, clean them out, and replace the area with hay or bedding if necessary
  • Clean up the litter box and add more litter


Weekly rabbit cage cleaning

Weekly cleaning would be best for small cages or cages with a small number of rabbits.

Regardless, the process would take time since you have to clean their space thoroughly.

Remove toys and any accessories from the cage and wash them with water and dish soap.Please read here how to make soft toy rabbit

Now, please take out the used bedding and replace it with a new one

I suggest using vinegar and hot water to wipe down urine deposits; as for smaller cages, you can disassemble them and rinse them with water or a hose outside

Disinfect your cage but make sure to rinse it well after

Don’t use disinfectant cleaners for wood cages since it stays even when you rinse it with water; it can be dangerous for your rabbits, mostly they love to chew on things. learn more here what can rabbit chew on

Regardless, to disinfect cages (aside from wooden ones), use part bleach to 10 parts water; use this to soak the items and pen for 30 minutes.


Cleaning a rabbit’s litter box

It is essential to clean your pet’s litter box.

Daily checking on your rabbit’s litter box will make the cage reduce foul smell and help you monitor your rabbit’s urine and feces changes, indicating possible health issues. learn more here how to make a rabbit bed

Regardless, how often you change the litter would depend on the amount of litter you are using.

So, a shallow layer will require you to clean the box daily, and as for a deeper layer, all you need to do is to scoop out the dirt and refill the litter.


Quick Tips When Cleaning A Rabbit’s Cage

Here are the tips for cleaning your rabbit’s cage:


#1. Vinegar is the way to go!

As I have said earlier, vinegar would come in handy, especially for getting rid of urine deposits.

Quick Tips When Cleaning A Rabbit’s Cage

The deposits form due to calcium salts precipitated from your pet’s urine that sticks all-around their cages.


#2. Neuter your rabbit

Consider neutering your rabbit to keep it from spraying and leaving territorial markings, making the cage cleaner.

But, changing your pet’s litter and potty training would do too. You have to give time and patience to your rabbit because it wouldn’t be easy.


#3. Absorbent beddings are the best!

Go with absorbent bedding like paper pallets; it will make your life easier. You would only need to change it every time it smells, pretty much convenient, perfect for busy pet owners.


#4. Go bigger

Opt for a larger cage that is easy to clean; don’t use wooden cages as it absorbs urine, which is hard to clean.

I suggest you choose plastic or metal cages that are tough for rabbits, as they are easier to maintain.

And if you want to keep your rabbit’s space from smelling bad, change the litter every 1-3 days.

However, if you keep the cage clean always but your rabbit still smells, you might want to check if they’re sick or maybe ate the wrong food that resulted from diarrhea caused by a high-sugar-low-fiber diet.

Maintaining your pet rabbit’s cage is crucial, but remember that there are still more factors such as their diet to look out for; remember and consider some tips from other pet owners to keep your rabbit happy and well. learn more Do Rabbit thump when they are happy



“How often should I clean my rabbits cage?” is commonly asked by people who are interested in having a pet rabbit.

When I first got Thumper, I never thought that I would be cleaning every day, but it helped me to become more responsible; it’s a good habit to develop.

You see, our pet rabbits love to stay clean, and providing them a neat and tidy environment will keep them healthy and live longer.

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