How To Treat Bloat In Rabbits? 7 Easy Ways You Can Do!

Are you wondering how to treat bloat in rabbits? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how as you read further.

But, before everything else, you should know these facts first:

How To Treat Bloat In Rabbits

We all know that rabbits cannot vomit like us humans, so they can’t puke it out of their system whenever they feel inadequate in their stomachs. It will surely make them uncomfortable, but the reason lies in the rabbit’s stomach’s valve proximal.

In this blog post, we will discuss some ways of treating bloat in rabbits.

These are useful tips that you can add to your vocabulary so that when the time comes in which your bun will suffer from bloating, can have multiple options for treating it.

So without further delays, keep scrolling because we will start now!

First let us know more about bloating, what are its cause and symptoms.

I know, it’s always nice to be knowledgeable.

how to treat bloat in rabbits

What Is Bloating?

Bloating is a painful ting that can happen to your rabbit and is often caused by outflow obstruction. It stops the food and fluids from moving away from the stomach and will result in a painful outcome.

This one can also be caused by a foreign object stuck in the belly, such as eating items that are inappropriate for rabbits to ingest, like plastic or hair.

As the stomach of your furry friend enlarges, it becomes more and more painful. The blood supply in its body will then be decreased and can lead to shock.

That scenario is what you can call an emergency, and gastric bloating is expected in any breeds, age, and gender of rabbits.

Bloating does not select its specific target, so you need to have a backup plan every time.


Symptoms Of Bloating In Rabbits

If you want to know the symptoms of bloating rabbits, let me enumerate them one by one.

In that way, you can be aware whenever your pet suffers from bloating.

symptoms of bloating in rabbits

You’ll be surprised that your pet experiences this as well.

  • Decrease appetite that can lead to total anorexia that will cause your pet to become skinny
  • Distended stomach
  • Fecal production is decreased
  • Rabbit is weak, with decreased energy and daily activities
  • Suffers pain and can be seen in a hunched position
  • In severe cases, rabbits can become nonresponsive, lethargic, and dehydrated


Ways To Treat Bloat In Rabbits

You cannot classify bloating as a disease because no one knows what causes bloating. It could happen due to overeating, bacterial enteritis, and GI stasis; that is why you have to gather information like this post so treat rabbits in case of bloating issues.

Once a time, my bunny, Thumper, was very weak and seemed to stay in place. I was disturbed by his behavior, and little did I know, he was already suffering from bloating.

Since I was new as a pet owner, I was not knowledgeable enough on the ways of how to treat bloating issues. That was when I rushed Thumper to the veterinarian, for I was worried about his situation. plesae read here papaya treat for rabbits.

ways to treat bloat in rabbits

The vet educated me well so that when the bloating occurs again, I have ways of treating Thumper. He shared to me how to treat bloat in rabbits.

Good news!

I will share these treatments with you, and these are the following:


#1. Fluid therapy

In most cases, long-term bloating can lead to dehydration because rabbits will tend to refuse to eat or drink.

Fluid therapy is an excellent method to maintain the fluid level in the body of your bunny.

Dehydration can cause the blood supply to decrease in the major organs that can result in hypothermia.

If your pet does not want to sip even a small amount of water, you can consult the veterinarian, for he will transfer the liquid by an intravenous catheter. please read here how do rabbits drink water


#2. Gastric decompression

The veterinarian can only do this treatment because it includes sedating the rabbit and putting a tube directly to the bun’s stomach.

There will be some blockage like hays, hair, and food, so an operation must get rid of them.


#3. Keep your rabbit warm

When a rabbit needs to fight the disease, it will need much energy. The body will also consume energy if it raises the heat of the body.

You have to provide warmth so that there will be enough energy in the bun’s body to fight off the bloating.


#4. Use of pain medications

Medicines do have the capability to treat the bloating in rabbits directly. However, it reduces the pain and would at least help make your bunny more comfortable.

Your veterinarian will prescribe the medication, so do not play doctor of yourself because who knows if you’ll make the situation worse?


#5. Homeopathy therapy

While you get the treatment for your furry friend, you must encourage it to keep moving for gastric mobility. Weak rabbits won’t allow it to wander, and their energy is undoubtedly decreased.

It would be best if you took note that blackberry is useful for treating diarrhea.

And to increase the bunny’s appetite, you can serve it with dandelion, dill, and celery. If you want to relieve your pet’s pain, you can try to massage the stomach area gently toward the anus. please read here can rabbits eat dill


#6. Dietary therapy

You must maintain the nutrition needed for your pet—an excellent fresh mix of veggies like romaine lettuce, spinach, cilantro, and collard greens. learn more here can rabbits eat cilantro

Do not forget to add the staple food of rabbits, which is hay, and if your bun still refuses to eat it, then make gruel out of it.

Feed it by using a syringe so that it can be ensured that it will indeed swallow it. Because bloating reduces the rabbit’s appetite, you should give it the most nutritious foods to help it from recovering its usual way faster. learn more how to syringe feed a rabbits


#7. Surgery


In severe cases, bloating in rabbits may require it to undergo surgery. You have to make the surgery happen to counter-attack the pain that it is suffering from.

This process is safe for bunnies, and after a few moments of the procedure, your pet will surely be free from bloating. Surgery is the best method you can do to save your furry friend from the misery of a painful stomach.



In conclusion, you can indeed have many options on how to treat bloat in rabbits. However, it would be best to prevent this scenario from happening because prevention is always better than cure. Gastric dilation is one of the many names you can call for bloating, yet it is still a veterinary emergency.

Because rabbits cannot vomit, the food stuck in their stomach cannot come out and will result in severe problems in the future.

The treatments that we discussed earlier should be kept in mind to have options depending on the level of pain.

We hope that you acquired important information through this blog post that you can apply if ever your bun suffers from bloating.

Thanks for reading!

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